Ava Daughtry Toppin

born Monday June 14 2004
7 lbs 9 oz    20 1/4inches long


Ava Cam!
Ava and Mommy at Durham Regional - 1
Ava and Mommy at Durham Regional - 2
Ava and proud Toppin Grandparents at Durham Regional - 1
Ava, Mommy, and Daddy at Durham Regional - 1
Ava relaxing at our beach house
Ava is going to be a surfer girl!
Just Relaxing
Ava and Nan full of giggles!
Ava playing! January 2005
Ava all bundled up in Zermatt
Ava playing Peek A Boo in Zurich in 2005!
Ava swinging in April 2005
Ava in her rocking chair
Ava ready to surf at 1 year old!
Wow am I happy!
Ava's personal train!  July 2005
Kicking back on the sand - July 2005
Ava on her couch-July 2005
Carousel - Sep 2005
Pumpkins! - Oct 2005
First Trampoline - Nov 2005
December on the beach - 2005
The Santa Train at the museum in Durham
Carolina Beach Santa and Reindeer!
Circus - Jan 2006
Ava takes Franklin Street - 5MB   from Guerrilla Productions
Ava Dancing to Steel Drums - May 2006
Ava and Maris visit with Elmo and Zoey - June 2096
Ava Likes to JUMP!  Jan 2007
Valentines Day 2007    Ava
Snowshoe 2008 - first time on skis!


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