Weinstein and Tibbs' custom doghouse!
"Toppin Cottage"


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dh-front-thumb.jpg (21063 bytes) front of the doghouse

New Picture with Sensorprobe, click to enlarge.

****For doghouse Temperature****
Internet Explorer Users click the thermometer below

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I have installed a temperature sensor to monitor the temp from anywhere via the web.  AKPCinc , Sensorsoft , and Spiderplant are  the options I found, and I decided on the sensorProbe from  AKPCinc.  So far I am quite pleased with the design and features for the modest price!  It has a builtin web server, snmp alarms, and email alerts.

The next addition to the doghouse will hopefully be a remote power controller to turn the AC and/or heater off from a web page. Nightware, Netbotz , and Netreach are three solutions I am considering.

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